Water Well Drilling

Site Visit

We can arrange for a free site visit to advise on best location for your water well at what stage it is best to drill it, pump size and answer any questions you may have on obtaining your own fresh water supply.


Free Estimate

Please give us a call today for a free estimate and arrange your free site visit with one of our team.



Water Well Drilling Procedure Garden Care

Arrive on site, position drill rig over the site of the  proposed bore hole, put down stabilisers and sleepers, secure rig, then raise the mast for commencement of drilling.

Well Drilling

Water Well Drilling Procedure Drilling

Domestic bore holes can range from a depth of 30mtr (100ft) to 180mtrs (600ft). Farm and industrial bore holes start at 150mm (6”) with depth varying based on the required water supply flow rates.


Geothermal wells also known as geo exchange systems have 2 basic designs. They are open or closed loops.


Site Investigation

We do varied types of investigative drilling from rock or soil type to water or soil pollution.


Site drainage is very important on the site to make sure the water well doesn’t get contaminated.


This is an over view of a water well, with steel lining, grouting, subsoil, rock and water levels.

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